Pick your poison

Designed to get you RESULTS.
5 Signature sweat sessions that pack a serious punch.
Expect 30 & 45 min high intensity mashups of
interval focused functional training mixed with
boxing, lifting and running.


Signature split treadmill/floor workout, broken into 3 categories: lower, upper body and abs. Our unique twist on strength and cardio training will sculpt your bod from head to toe.


All about delivering an incredible punch. Boxing fueled by beats that make you wanna KA-POW! An intense full body workout with technical boxing instruction, created for all abilities and fitness levels.

The Wall

Want to up your miles? These signature classes will take you through a series of high intensity cardio intervals on the floor and treadmill.

All Shots

Triple whammy: Cardio, Strength, Boxing. All of your favorite elements mashed up into a single session.

Full as F*

No run days. These classes purely concentrate on conditioning, lifting and resistance. Get ready to pump iron.

14 Day Trial